The Air Cargo Service – How it Works and All Things You Should Know

Cargo can be delivered through several options such as sea freight and ground shipping. However, those are not the only options. More option on such service is airline freight. This type of freight or service has been used for years. People are relying on its fast and secure delivery. When it is being compared to another type of cargo service like sea freight, airline freight cost less than sea freight. Moreover, from the point of view of speed, airline cargo service offers a faster delivery than sea cargo. This makes most business companies choose to transfer their cargo using airline freight. These are the process of air cargo services—how it works.

How Does Air Freight Work?

There are at least three ways of how this type of cargo service work. The first is through passenger airline, the second is cargo planes, and the last is using a huge payload.

Air Cargo Service

  • Air Cargo Service through Passenger Airline

The plane’s storage has special containers to carry the additional package. The package is usually brought by the passenger who happens to be on a business to deliver the shipment because the data shows that almost every passenger flight is carrying additional freight. However, that is not always the case.

This is the air cargo system—how it works, the packages—which could be luggage, cargo, and animals are inserted to the plane’s storage. There, the packages will be divided and categorized according to its type of form. Animal packages will be put in a temperature-controlled and pressurized area. This area for animals is separated from the area for cargo or luggage.

  • Cargo Planes

The passenger airline is the common airline which provides extra storage for freight. Now, we want you to picture a passenger airline, but all the passenger seats are removed. Instead, there are installed electric rollers to move pallets forwards or backward. These cargo planes are as big as the passenger planes and can carry more or less five semi-trailer loads. That is not all, here is more about air cargo system—how it works.

  • Huge Payloads

This is the third way of transporting your cargo through air freight, using huge payloads. Sometimes the amount of cargo that needs to be transported is so big that the cargo service commercial needs to use a huge payload to contain all the cargo. Huge payloads are specifically designed to transfer heavy, oversized items such as smaller planes, helicopters, or power station generators. Like other airline freight, this huge payload offers national and international shipping. That is all about air cargo system.

These days, people are offered with various type of shipping process. The process can be done by sea, ground, and air. Any one of the three has its own plus and minus. However, many recommend using airline freight since it is cheaper than sea freight and the package arrives faster than the other two types of cargo services. After knowing about air cargo system, you should be more comfortable choosing to use the airline service more than others.