The Best Soccer Balls All the Time

If you want to play soccer, you need the ball. There are many brands that produce soccer ball. But not all of them produce high-quality soccer ball. The ball can affect your play. If you want to play soccer well, you will need a good soccer ball. So, what are best soccer ball all the time? Check this out.

The Best Soccer Balls that Make Your Play Perfect!

1. Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Orange

We can say that this soccer ball is the perfect ball in a covered field. Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Orange is a great product for those of you who love to play soccer on a covered field. This ball will give a good response when played on the field of synthetic grass and futsal field. The outer surface of this product is made of soft material that serves to reduce reflections on the indoor field so the ball is easier to control. The selected materials make this product will not leave marks in the field. The soft material makes this product painless in the foot so it is suitable for you who do not like the hardball. In addition, a striking orange color makes the eyes of the player or the audience stunned in the field. Make your ball match perfectly with this product!

Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Orange

2. Oraga Esparta

For playing with style inside or outside the field, as one of the best soccer balls, this product is a ball in size 4 that used in the futsal field. Special materials make this ball can reduce the reflection by up to 30% of an ordinary soccer ball. Since the ball has striking yellow, Oraga Esparta No. 4 is easy to be seen on the pitch and makes the game more passionate. This soccer ball is also made of waterproof so it does not matter if you have to play in outdoor futsal field. The nylon material with high air retention makes this product highly resistant and ensures a more durable ball shape. Suitable for futsal match of school scale.

Oraga Esparta

3. Mikasa FT-5

Mikasa FT-5 has also belonged to the list of best soccer balls. It is an international standard ball with economical price. The ball is made to be able to withstand in a long time to field condition with a heavy field. This product has even been known with the reputation of the long-lasting ball for one decade! Mikasa FT-5 is a 5-sized ball that has a nylon coating with waterproof protection. The status of the ball that has passed the FIFA test makes this product can be used for all international matches. This product is available up to seven color variants with a relatively low price. The color of one of the best soccer balls does not easily fade. Mikasa FT-5 is suitable for those of you who are looking for international standard balls at an affordable price or you who want to experience the sensation of playing a world class ball. Since FIFA already approved this all, you don’t have to doubt the quality of Mikasa FT-5.

Mikasa FT-5