Sleep Paralysis Symptoms and Treatment

Sleep paralysis symptoms can be easily known. Before you know about the symptoms you should understand well about the sleep paralysis hallucinations itself. Sleep paralysis is like a feeling of conscious but you cannot move your body.

It means that you are sleeping, you are conscious but you cannot move your body at all. Some people also call this as sleeping demon. It is because many people when they have this condition there will be such a hallucination about the demon.

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

Actually, this sleep paralysis can be explained biologically. So it is not when you are sleeping there is a demon that disturbs you. According to the research this sleep paralysis have some symptoms as below; first of the symptoms is you cannot move your body but it is as if you have been conscious and not sleeping.

It means that if you are conscious but you are still in your sleeping and you cannot move any part of your body, then you can conclude that you are under this sleep paralysis.

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Second symptom is you will have the hallucination. In this hallucination many people will sense and see the presence of an evil or demon. By this also then they call this sleep paralysis as the demon sleeping disorder. Third symptom is there will be such a chest pressure.

You will sense the hard breathing. Fourth is confusion. Many people will get confused at this condition. They will feel that they are conscious and sleeping at the same time but they also cannot move their body at all.

Fifth symptom is a helpless. People who have been being under these Sleep paralysis symptoms will feel that everything they have done to move the body, scream and shouting the help, nobody will hear the voice or understand what you are feeling that time.

It will make you hopeless because there will not be a one that can help you under this sleep disorder. The last is a fear feeling. Because of no one hear your call, the hallucination of the demon and evil, these all of the feelings will make you get a fear.

The Treatment of Sleep Paralysis

For this, then you will need also the sleep paralysis treatment when you have one of the symptoms above. As it can be explained by the science then it also has the treatments. When you have one of the symptoms above you can focus on one part of your body.

First, you can focus one moving your fingers. If this does not help then you need to focus on the finger of your feet. The last is, focus on your eyes moving. Or comfort your sleep area. I using sleep innovation sureterm.

Sure, you can also avoid this sleep disorder by a healthy lifestyle. You are better to sleep regularly. Sleeping regularly will reduce the possibility on this sleep disorder, because this sleep disorder may happen when you are really tired.

When you are sleeping, it is recommended to sleep in one side or one direction. It means that you will sleep on your side, right or left. Doing the exercise and eat healthy foods and drinks can be the solution of Sleep paralysis symptoms.