Things to Know about Shipping to and from Africa

Every country has its own regulation of shipping. You need to understand it, unless you have full service shipping and make a company work and handle everything for you. However, you should still see some important tips on shipping to Africa and shipping from Africa. Here are some ideas you need to keep in mind.

Tips on Shipping to West Africa

There are some points to always remember, moreover if this is the first time you move to West Africa with your goods.

shipping to africa

First, you need to make sure that you take some photos of your cargo before it moves from the origin station. Moving to West Africa, your cargo will be transited in Lagos.

Unfortunately, it will be stored in chaotic sheds. Make sure that you don’t miss the cargo. Besides, you need to keep track of your own cargo. There are some airport changes and even closures and if you don’t notice them, you will be confused of a longer time to deliver the cargo.

In addition, keeping track of your cargo throughout the clearance process is also important. You need to be updated with every important thing happening to your cargo. You better to also invest in an electronic data scanning pod device. This will be very helpful to get live feedback of the cargo.

The last tip is about the cargo wrapping. You better wrap the cargo in black plastic.

Tips on Shipping to and from South Africa

There are some ideas to notice about shipping to and from South Africa. If you are moving to South Africa with lots of goods to be also transported, there are some points to know. First, you need to arrive in the destination country before your goods.

At least, you arrive 10 days earlier. Make sure that you have a well experienced carrier that work with both your arrival and your goods arrival.

Besides, this country also requires the destination agent has all the pertinent documents at least 7 days before the goods arrival. Safety is the most important thing for your moving. Just make sure that your company can handle this.

If you want to ship from South Africa there are at least 3 things to remember. Ensure that your transition is hassle free with a proper timeline.

You will be asked about your ownership of the items you want to ship, including their value and how long you already have had them. Then, make sure you have top leading shipping company.