How To Jump Higher (with Jumping Vertical Tips)

Jump HigherHow to jump higher like those basketball pros? This question is common especially for those who want to do slam dunk in basketball or high jump in athletics. Shoes designed to increase jump height may help some athletes to jump higher.

There are some basketball shoe makers that declare their shoes can help athlete to jump higher than that without wearing such shoes.

Unfortunately, the shoes are not the only reason someone can jump higher though enhanced jumping technique may be supported by shoe-design technology. I also recommended to you to see the the jump manual program – guide to jump higher.

With better technology to increase jumping height, performance-improving spring-packed shoes are forbidden by the National Basketball Association. It was revealed that wearing basketball shoes with spring assist that improve jump can help some athletes to make a higher jump even when they wear their previous shoes.

Shoe Padding Reduces Jump Height

Athletes may experience injuries due to high-speed action on the solid surfaces of basketball courts. To cut impact strain during this event, basketball shoes now are featured complex cushioning systems designed by Basketball shoe makers.

On the other hand, this feature decreases jump height as energy used to make a jump is absorbed by extra padding in the shoes in order to reduce impact injuries. It is difficult to know How to Jump Higher with padded shoes.

How To Jump Higher With Jumping Procedure

To force the body to the air, the muscles of upper and legs calves provide muscle strength that generally affects to get jump higher. Jumping height is also affected by muscle elasticity that accumulates and discharge energy. Using the construction of the body appropriately affects the highest jumping height.

The Achilles tendon will store elastic energy by avoiding adding weight on the heels but the balls of the feet instead.

There will be around jumping height increase of 3.5 inches of typical energy with this method. This increase is very much similar to the results of using the spring-loaded shoe.

How To Jump Higher With Strength-Training Shoes

Adding weight on the forward part of the foot can help you to find out how to jump higher by wearing special jump-training shoes. The heel is raised off the floor by the substantial soles on the forward piece of the training shoes.

Vertical Jump

Rather than using the normal elasticity of the foot, the heel is prevented to drive downwards and calf strength is stressed by the shoes. When Athletes go back to standard shoes, there is better jumping ability they get.

How To Jump Higher With Compression-Spring Shoes

When the player set the foot for the jump, energy is stored by a compression spring in the shoe’s ball area, and a patented implanted bar in the sole of the shoe send energy back to both heel and ball all through the thrust part of the progress.

This makes increasing in jumping height, but even when player change to different shoes, those improvements remain.

So, there is better form support with the new shoes along with a proper exercise with a good trainer. Keep these aspects in mind if you want to know how to jump higher.